How to Cum Twice In A Row For Men

Sexy model wants to cum twiceIf you ask any male, there’s a pretty good chance we can all agree on one thing. It’s literally, and physically, impossible to cum twice. We don’t cum twice in a row, let alone three or four times. Unlike women who can have multiple orgasm in a very short time frame, there’s at least a 30 minute to an hour period before we are ready to cum again. While this feat may seem impossible, there is good news! It is, in fact, possible for all men to achieve multiple orgasms, even cum twice, and all it takes is a little faith and commitment.

There is one powerful way to help any male lean to cum more than once. The method has been coined non-ejaculatory orgasm. This involves having sex, or masturbating, continuously without ejaculating. When men don’t ejaculate, the refractory period that makes coming multiple times does not become a factor, enabling men to cum multiple times. It is important to understand that ejaculations and orgasms are two separate things. This non-ejaculatory orgasm requires commitment and practice, but is totally worth it. It can be learned in 3 simple steps:

Kegel Exercises
Despite what you might think, kegel exercises are not just for women. In fact, they play a big part in being able to achieve non-ejaculatory orgasms. These exercises strengthen the pelvic floor and help to achieve more control over your pelvic muscles. Doing these exercises makes it possible for men to prevent themselves from ejaculating while still reaping the benefits of the orgasm.

The first step to these exercises is to locate the muscles responsible for your ejaculations. To do this, try to stop or slow down while peeing. Do this without tensing the muscles in you legs, buttox or without holding your breath. Doing so means you’ve located the muscles that require the work. Once you’ve learned to control these muscles, contract them for a slow count of 5, and slowly release for a count of 5. Do sets of 10, three times a day, increasing the count as you go, much like any other exercise.

Test Yourself
Once you’ve mastered the pelvic floor, it’s time to practice. The best way to do this, is to masturbate. Push yourself to the point of orgasm and once you reach it, contract your pelvic floor, or your kegel muscles, and hold for a count of 5 to 10. Relax, begin again. Every time, bringing yourself closer and closer to ejaculation. Once you feel you’ve got a good control on this, go all the way to ejaculation. Right before completion, flex your pelvic floor tightly. When completed successfully, this will give you the feeling or coming without ejaculation. Allowing you cum a second time with no refractory period.

Practice With A Partner 
The most practical practice is to apply these techniques during actual sexual intercourse with a partner. Non-ejaculatory orgasm take work but are worth the effort. Sex turns into a better, longer, and more pleasurable experience.

There are also other methods to help men cum more than once. The less popular way to achieve this is through prostate orgasms. Which is, in essence, the same type of orgasms that women have. And these can be achieved multiple times.

It’s easy to stick with what we know. Sex is great. Even with just one orgasm. But it can also be better. Like everything in life, nothing worth achieving comes easy. Keep an open mind, put in the work, and you too can cum one, twice, or even more!

3 Tips to Give Her Mind-Blowing Sex Every Time

Hot girl wants to be fucked goodYou meet her at a bar. She is wearing knee-high boots and a short skirt. The top she is wearing reveals just enough of her breasts for you to imagine yourself cupping them. You have always been a boob man. From your peripheral vision, you can see that she is also checking you out.
Normally, you would have already approached her but you are a bit self-conscious today. The last girl you took to your place did not return your calls after what you considered was an amazing night for the both of you.
Liquid courage will be needed to see this through so you down the scotch on the rocks and make your way towards her. An hour later she is laughing at all your jokes. You want to suggest a change of scenery, but your confidence in your sexual ability was badly damaged the last time.
If you have ever found yourself in such a position, this article is for you. This piece is also for anyone who wants to take their game to the next level and, have women, for a change, initiate hangouts with the intention of spending the night.

Here are 3 ways to fuck her good in bed:

1. Foreplay

Her sexual satisfaction depends a great deal on doing this right. Keep in mind that foreplay does not start in the bedroom. You can get her excited only moments after meeting her.
Touch her while you talk to her. Touch her hand. Place your hand on her thighs. Tell her she smells heavenly and then move closer to her. Whisper to her how desirable she is.
When in the bedroom, slowly take off her clothes. Kiss her lips. Kiss her neck. Kiss her boobs and, lick her from the stomach downwards. Kiss her around the vagina and let her anticipate your tongue all in her.
Now for women’s favorite part: cunnilingus. Breath naturally so that she feels the warmth. This will make her burn with anticipation. When she can no longer take and starts to push your head in her, lick her the same way you would like an ice cream cone.
Cover the entire area licking her and moving your tongue in her. You want to make sure that you spend some time on the topmost part where the clitoris is and where she is most sensitive.

2. A little roughness is necessary

A little roughness will make traditional and boring sexual positions more exciting. Choke her when you are giving it to her in the missionary position. Women love this kind of dominance.
Pull her hair when you are giving it to her from the back. Bring her head close to you and tell her how good her vagina feels. Give her commands like, “I want you to arch your back like this.”
Grab her butt cheeks and control the motions. Spank her ass and watch it wobble. Tell her that you love the size of her ass.

3. Switch up the positions

There are women who want you to make love to them, but the majority of them want to be fucked good and hard. Do not limit the positions you can do with her.
Ask her to switch from regular cowgirl to reverse cowgirl. You do not even have to disentangle your genitals to switch between these two positions. Grab her waist and help her ride you when she looks tired from moving her hips.
Bend her over by the bed and pound her cakes in a standing position behind her. Place one leg on the bed and stroke her until she wilding with pleasure.
If you have the upper body strength, pick her up and ask her to wrap your legs around your waist. Move her in and out of you until she bursts with pleasure.

How to Give Her an Orgasm She Won’t Forget

Girl who wants to be fingeredYou’ve made it to your special night. She definitely seems interested, otherwise, why would you even be here, right? You’ve even gone the extra mile; playing her favorite song in the bedroom. There is a glint in her eyes, but something has been bugging you this entire time. Will you be able to satisfy her? Will she orgasm? Even if she does, would she fake it, or will it be real?

The female orgasm has left many a man befuddled before, and has been the subject of countless think pieces, articles, and even works of art. There is no labyrinth to cross, no treasure to find. Giving your loved one a great orgasm isn’t complicated. But it would take at least some effort on your part.

The 3 Surefire Ways to Make a Girl Orgasm

Do not force it

So, you’re in the moment now and things are looking promising. You’re confident in the bed, and she is responsive. Don’t take that affirmation and start to pound your way into orgasm heaven. That would make her uncomfortable.
During foreplay, she might become a tad self-conscious. If she feels coaxed into pleasing you in turn, it would result in a fake orgasm. Don’t make it a thing of ego. Remember, this is not a one-way street.

Instead, try to focus on making her feel loved and comfortable. Talk sexy to her, whisper to her. They say patience is a virtue. Exercise that virtue.


The vagina, the vulva, and the nipples are the three main erogenous zones. Learn about them and try to fuck and masturbate them with only your hands. However, don’t be overenthusiastic and go for them all guns blazing. You’ll end up putting her off. You have to tease your way in. The ears are great erogenous zones. Whisper in her ears, kiss her earlobe. Then move to her neck, especially the nape, which is another erogenous zone.

Massage her feet during foreplay. Lace your fingers against the toes. It’s a sensitive area, and some people feel a tingle down there. A firm movement is necessary instead of light motions which may induce tickles. Don’t underestimate the importance of a good kiss on the lips. It’s how you’ll start things after all. A passionate kiss can release hormones which can start things off for you.

Again, communication and comfort are important. Keep talking, moving, learning, and improvising. Fill her mind with images. Mental stimulation is as important as physical stimulation, if not more.

Be Responsible and safe

It is understandable if you want to spice things up a bit. A harmless bit of role-playing doesn’t hurt. You’ll want to try out new positions if it isn’t your first time. Sure, surprise and innovation are keys to success in the bedroom. But don’t go too experimental. If you’re up for BDSM, it doesn’t mean she is too. Ask if she’s into your fantasies. Learn about her fantasies. Always ask her about her comfort zones and then proceed. No one is taking away your points for asking. This is not your SAT test. Remember, consent is always king.

Again, these are just pointers which would help you please your significant other in the bedroom. The key is to have fun in the moment.

Want To Make Your Penis Larger, These 3 Easy Ways Will Amaze You

Hot woman wants to see something monsterRegardless of how well built they are, most men wish their penises were a bit larger and longer. According to a study done by the University of Kentucky, over 45% of men want longer penises. Although some guys usually resort to penoplasty and penis enlargement surgeries in a bid to improve their confidence, this is not the only option that you have.

According to research, an average penis should be between 5 to 6 inches when erect. This means most men who think that their penises are small are just suffering from penis dysmorphic. But if you really feel that your penis is small then you probably need some enlargement. In any case, a bigger, thicker penis will lead to a happy sex life, specially if you can make your girl squirt, and you’ll feel proud knowing that you’re satisfying your partner.

Here are the 3 Ways to Increase the Size of Your Penis

1. Consider doing Jelqing exercises

Having been in use for a long time, jelqing exercises can greatly help enlarge the penis. If you want your penis to grow naturally then this should be part of your normal routine. These exercises involve milking your penis without becoming fully erect. Jelqing exercises not only increase the blood flow but also enlarges the tissues and the entire penis. If you do these exercises daily, you’ll significantly enlarge your penis. However, in order to do this exercises make sure you hold a towel of hot water on your penis for at least 3 minutes for it to erect. Next, use your fingers to squeeze your penis from the bottom up. You can repeat this exercise severally. After doing this for many days you’ll start seeing an increase in the size of your penis.

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2. Use penis enlargement pumps

Penis enlargement pumps refer to suction devices that are put into the penis. When active they create a vacuum pressure which causes the blood to flow towards the penis thereby making it full and engorged resulting in a harder and bigger erection. These pumps can also be used by men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. However, if used vigorously the pressure may end up damaging vascular tissues. Overall numerous studies have shown that they can significantly increase the length of the penis.

3. Pop a pill

Would you use a pill to get a larger penis? Well, there are several herbal pills that can help you increase the size of your penis. The idea is that these pills increase the blood flow to the penis hence those men who have poor circulation may start feeling their penises getting bigger. Although scientific evidence is not yet conclusive, researchers have found that they can assist men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Apart from these, you can use supplements such as vitamin B3 to ensure that more blood flows to the penis.

Wrap up

Although it’s very easy to get a massive and monster bulge in your pants, most people fail because they’re not consistent. They are always looking for that magic drug that can do everything for them. However, with these 3 ways, you can increase the size of your penis within no time. However, always ensure that the pills that you use are safe.

3 Surefire Ways to Make a Girl Squirt!

Hot girl wanting to have an squirting orgasmMmmmh squirting! So, you imagine that it is one of those old and wacky myths like unicorns and centaurs? Not really buddy. It isn’t as mysterious or elusive as people out there want to put it. Female ejaculation is real! One more thing, all women can squirt and don’t be lied to. So, how is it done? Well, I know you are here because you want to learn that. You are not alone, for several decades this idea of making women squirt has become a fad. You are not the only man trying to learn this. You have only joined a pool of millions and it is my role to quench your thirst.

First and foremost, what does squirting even mean?

When women are extremely sexually aroused, they can release a gushing liquid. This can only happen after they have achieved total arousal which is normally the peak of sexual pleasure. If you have spoken to a woman who has ever squirt, you will bear me witness it is more intense than orgasm. That’s the reason perhaps you want to learn how to make it happen.

So, how do you make it happen?

First and foremost, you need to bear in mind that a woman can only squirt if she loves you. If this is the case, I have prepared 3 surefire ways to make a girl squirt!

1. Fingering her G-Spot

There are women with the capacity to ejaculate through direct clitoral stimulation, massaging their breasts, or even penile penetration. However, if you are looking for a sure bet, directly massage her clitoris with your finger.
This will work only after she is totally aroused. Arousal will enable your index finger massage her G spot. This implies that foreplay is necessary if you want her to squirt. So, don’t be mean with it. Good foreplay should involve licking her neck, breast, massaging her erogenous zones and kissing. Don’t forget her clitoris because that’s where the magic happens.

2. Experiment with different sex positions

The importance of an ideal sex position is that it will help your lady get completely aroused. As I stated earlier, total arousal is key to squirting. Inside the vagina, there are 2 locations responsible for orgasm; the cervix and the Gspot. When trying different sex positions, it is easier to stimulate these positions making it easier for your lady to squirt.

One of the best positions is letting your lady lie on her back, spreading her legs, bringing her body close to you and anchoring her legs on your shoulders. On this position, the clitoris and the G-spot are easily reachable for maximum penetration.

3. The CAT method

If you haven’t heard of CAT, the initials stand for coital alignment technique. It’s a sexual position involving movements which result in clitoral orgasms. It’s an effective method when readying a girl to squirt since it enables her to achieve high levels of sexual excitement. For this position to work, you need to be on a higher level so that your body can exert more on the clitoris as you pump in and out of her vagina.


Let’s face it, buddy! Women love it when their men can help them achieve orgasm or squirt. Learning how it’s done than doing it will help you forge a healthy relationship, plus having a big dick in your pants is also helpful. If you tried it previously and it failed, don’t give up. Practicing will make it perfect and now that you have a guide, it should be pretty easy.

Easy Ways to Improve Fertility in Men

Naturally increase your sperm countAccording to statistics, about 40% of couples have reproduction problems which could be either caused by low sperm count on men or even reproduction complications in women. It’s further estimated that about 6% of men between the ages of 18 years and 35 years have struggled with infertility. It’s estimated that for a man to get pregnant, he is expected to ejaculate a total of 40 million sperm per ejaculation (Find more details and frequently asked questions about your semen here).

There are many factors which determine the health of your sperms. Some of these include:

Quality of the sperms – sperms have different shapes and structures. If about 5% of man’s total sperms are of the right shape, then he is perceived to be healthy. Sperms which have small tapered or even crooked heads or even ones with double tails are not likely to fertilize an egg. However, sperms with an oval head and a long tail are perceived to be healthy.

The quantity of sperms – A fertile man is likely to fertilize if he ejaculates about 40 million sperms per ejaculation. If the ejaculation has less than 39 million sperm count, then he is likely to have problems in fertilizing the egg.

Sperm movement or motility – a man is deemed to be fertile if at least 40% of his sperms are moving after ejaculating.

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The Three Easiest Ways to Increase Your Sperm Count

Having a low blood count is not a disorder but something that can be treated or even corrected naturally. Doctors will in many times recommend natural means for increasing sperm count. Here we look at the three best ingredients to increase sperm count.

  • Physical activity and adequate sleep– A research has proven that vigorous activity is not only good for your general body but also for you reproduction health. Sperm count in men that exercise at least 7 hours a week is 48% higher than of men who do not do any physical activity. On the other hand, men who do not sleep adequately or who suffer from sleep apnea have a higher chance of a sperm motility problem. To increase your chances of getting pregnant, it’s important to sleep adequately.
  • Eating a lot of veggies– veggies are generally good for everything in the body. However, when it comes to reproduction, they are very helpful in the motility of sperms. The most recommended veggies are sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and carrots.
  • Use of Fertility Supplements– There are times when natural ways may not work in improving sperm count. However, there are recommended supplements. Most of these supplements are medically proven and work well. The supplements add all the require nutrients for good growth of sperms. A good example is the Fertilaid for men which is generally formulated to improve all fertility issues in men.

However, even with all these ways to improve sperm count it’s good to know what hurts you sperms leading to low sperm count. You should avoid smoking because it’s one of the causes of low sperm count, ensure that your testicles are at their right temperature which is below 34 degrees, and lastly avoid obesity.

The Top 3 Oral Sex Techniques Women Crave ALWAYS!

Hot girl wanting some oral sexHaving the best sexual experience is all we crave for. And as such we expect our sex partners to up their game and offer us an amazing orgasmic experience. A recent research study conducted on sexual preferences for women indicated that nearly 80% of all women love having oral sex.

It’s no surprise that of late ladies have developed a huge craving for oral sex. Oral sex commonly referred to as the “Art of cunnilingus” is loved for the following reasons;

  • Clitoral oral orgasms rank as the most pleasurable explosive orgasms that you can offer your lady.
  • The feeling is absolutely amazing.
  • The Vulva highly reacts to oral stimulation.

So, what are some of the most famous pussy sucking techniques that would surely drive her crazy in bed?


  1. The Cha Cha Slide

As the name suggests, this method involves the moving of the tongue sideways. This technique should be used if you want to change your sex routine and surprise your lady with your new skills. Start by licking the clit slowly from the right to the left then back again.

As you slide your tongue slowly from the left to the right, ensure that you apply the movement in soft and smooth strokes so as to maximize her pleasure. Applying soft and smooth strokes ensures she maintains a steady rhythm and keeps her in pace with you are doing all while stimulating her mentally.

  1. The Ringa Ringa Rosy technique

This is one of the most popular and simplest oral sex techniques that you can try out. It’s best suited for you if you have never tried giving your woman some oral sex before. However, let its simplicity not fool you. The Ringa Ringa Rosy technique is one the most pleasurable sex techniques, in fact, if your aim is to make her cum quickly, then try out this technique.

Start the process by giving her some foreplay so as to stimulate her and keep her warm and wet. Gently slide your tongue down her belly and camp your tongue a little bit on her belly button. While on her belly button, gently stroke it so as to drive her crazy (it will give her intense excitement).

Proceed downwards to her pubic hair then gently stroke the hair (this facilitates a searing orgasm), after stroking her pubic hair, slowly move your tongue in circles around her clit, this movement should be rhythmic and steady. Believe me, now you’ve got her under your control!!!!! Speed up the tongue motion only at her request.

  1. The Incy Wincy Spider technique

This technique involves the movement of your tongue up and down your girl’s spout. The Incy Wincy Spider method should be used if you seek to achieve full oral stimulation of the clitoris. Perform this technique when she’s close to orgasm for perfect stimulation.

Begin the technique by licking the top of her clitoris then gently proceed the licking downwards until you reach the bottom of her labia, then move upwards again. Repeat the entire process over and over again. When doing this add a little pleasure, in fact, try hard tonguing if she is okay with it just like an Adonis Alpha would do.


Sexual pleasure is an added advantage in any relationship. In fact, a good sex life leads to a longer relationship. Try oral sex whenever you want to spice up sex with your partner. Oral sex is perfect for sexual arousal and prolongs the duration of good sex.