how to cum more

3 Tips Men Can Use to Cum More

Most men would love to have bigger dicks. Interestingly, the obsession does not end there. In the recent studies, most men who are not satisfied with their ejaculation tend to experience sexual anxiety, relationship distress and fear of failure when performing sex.

An average volume a man can ejaculate or cum is around three to five milliliters, that is about a teaspoon. In addition, the amount of semen one can ejaculate tend to decrease as they age. The peak semen production occurs at the age of 30-35. So, for those who are so worried about their semen volume during sex, you may be wondering what you can do to pump up the volume?

Thankfully, there is always something you can do. Amusingly, most people who have studied male reproductive health are not worried about their actual volume of loads. But, they are much interested in the overall health of their semen. However, to answer your question, there are some techniques you actually work to help you cum more. There is one answer. Having a healthy lifestyle is essential to keep things in order under your pants.

How do you live a healthy lifestyle to boost your sperm count?

Lose weight
About 33% of men with obese tend to have less sperm count. Additionally, 7% of obese men have no sperm count. So if you are heavyweight, work out to reduce weight. As you lose your weight, your level of sperm count will improve naturally.

Eat antioxidants
If you want to cum more, it’s time you focus on your diet. Increase your consumption of fruits, greens, and veggies. Antioxidants are healthy food. They will not only help you to improve your sperm volume but also their quality.

Mild to moderate exercise will do. But don’t overdo it. High-intensity and severe training may end up hurting your sperm quality. You can start off with morning jogs, swimming or running. Again the gym is not bad, it can’t hurt the sperm count.

Excessive alcohol and tobacco can reduce both the quality and quantity of your sperms. So, work on that. Lengthy soaks in your bathtub are not healthy. Prolonged exposure to heat may damage your sperms.

Now trying all those techniques, there is only one sure way to make your cum bigger and larger. Allow your body to recharge between orgasms. Repeated ejaculation within a short period of time may naturally reduce the semen volume. In other words, giving your body a break, perhaps a day or two between ejaculations can help improve your semen levels.

All in all, working on improving your cum may seem to be a lot of work. Indeed it is, you have to do a great work out and a lot of patience. However, this should not tempt you to go for online semen supplements. There is no current clinical research that suggests supplements that helps improve semen volume works. So many folks out there have come up with remedies that are non-medical prescribed. But in most turn of events, these supplements are just a placebo.