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3 Tips (Actually 2) Men Can Use to Cum More [2019 Update]

Ejaculating when you have sex is an important natural phenomenon. It ensures that you pass on your genes onto the next generation, but there’s more to it than just spreading your seed. What about the volume; should we care how much we ejaculate? As we will find out, ejaculating higher volumes of semen is quite desirable. 

From a girl’s perspective
Let’s begin by acknowledging that some women have a cum fetish. This means that they have a “thing” for guys who can literally hose them down with loads of semen. If your girl belongs to this group, you are in the right place.

Let’s then talk about what you always think about when this subject comes up; porn (ie. guys producing a lot of cum). The porn industry is always vilified for setting unrealistic standards. But if you think about it, every element that you see appearing frequently is what’s on demand. Forget about the rarer porn aspects that respond to smaller sets of viewers. I’m talking about the elements that keep popping up (focus on male pornstars):

• An actor who is well hung
• Male actors who have staying power
• Actors who ejaculate massive loads of cum

The truth of the matter is, even girls watch adult films and they like it dirty. Of course, she will consume it differently, but she will still appreciate a hardcore session that ends with a massive cum shot. Remember that the porn industry responds to the preferences of its viewers.

Moreover, there is a scientific explanation behind women wanting their partners to ejaculate more sperm. A study was conducted to determine whether women really cared about their partner’s ejaculation. It concluded that the women who lived more sexually satisfactory lives (had more sex and more orgasms) liked it when their partner ejaculated during sex. On top of that, they said that their orgasms were more intense when the men ejaculated a greater quantity of semen.

From a guy’s perspective
Fertility is a major concern for men. If you are trying to have a kid, you need to learn something; there is a certain volume of semen that is required to carry sperms safely through the female reproductive system because the environment inside her is not favorable for sperm survival. To form a good layer of protection and boost fertility, you need to increase the volume of semen if you feel yours is too low.

Other benefits of producing more semen include:

• You appear more virile to the girl when you produce more semen.
• You gain confidence because you make her happy. Besides living up to her cum-fetish if she has one, you make her orgasm with greater intensity as we have learned.
• You get more intense orgasms since the muscles have to contract harder and longer to handle the larger load.

Work on Your Diet – Cum More The Hard Way

There are a few things you can do to increase the volume of sperm you produce. The food you eat has a significant impact on your ability to produce more cum. The body requires certain elements to produce more sperm and seminal fluid. Let’s go through a few of them and discuss the foods that will supply these much-needed nutrients:
Zinc is an important element in male reproductive health. Studies have shown that zinc deficiency in men causes low testosterone levels, poor sperm count, and low semen quality. It also has a direct effect on the volume of semen you produce.

You should eat oysters, beef, beans, walnuts, and chicken for zinc.

Vitamins are important to your reproductive health as a man. They are vital to fixing sperm defects, increasing sperm count and increasing sperm motility. Vitamin C and other oxidants are particularly crucial to the volume and health of your sperm.

Eat foods such as Citrus fruits like oranges and their juices, sweet peppers, other fruits like kiwi and strawberries, and vegetables like tomatoes, broccoli, and cabbage.

Amino acids (the scientific term for protein) are meant to increase sperm count, prevent sperm clumping, and increase the volume of the semen. Here are the amino acids that have a greater impact:

• L-Lysine: milk, cheese, and other dairy products
• L-Carnitine: milk and red meat
• L-Arginine: Eggs, nuts, sesame seeds

Folic acid
Also known as vitamin B9, folic acid has an influence in cum volume. You can eat cereals, leafy greens, orange juice, and legumes.
You should incorporate this element in your diet to increase sperm count. Dairy products work perfectly but if you are lactose intolerant, there are still dozens of options for you. Eat cereals, almonds, salmon, and leafy greens.
A big proportion of semen is fluid that your body gets from water. If your body is short of water, your body will delegate water to the more important processes leaving less water for semen production. Drink more water.
Other ingredients

Besides those main players, there are other elements that are worth a mention:

• Allicin: scientists have established that it improves semen volume in animals by increasing blood flow to the sexual organs. It is found in garlic.
• Antioxidants: although the majority of nutrients we have covered so far are technically antioxidants, there are other antioxidants that play an important role in male reproductive health.

The Best Supplements to Produce a Lot More Cum – The Easy Way (21st Century Style)

Following a strict diet can be overwhelming and hard to keep up with. That’s why supplements are convenient. The advantages of using supplements are:

• They have all the major elements plus other rarer ones that still make you produce a lot more semen.
• They improve other aspects of male reproductive health. You will experience improved erection quality, better circulation of blood to your reproductive organs, etc.
• They act faster: You see, sometimes when you are on a balanced diet, you may still have to take a break from getting off every few days to see noteworthy results. But that’s not the case with supplements because they are specifically made to do this one job. Which leads to our next advantage…
• You do not have to abstain from ejaculating every 2-3 days. You can masturbate or have sex every day but still see tangible results.

Guys who use them generally ejaculate way bigger loads, have improved reproductive function, and don’t suffer side effects. The key to dealing with side effects is to ensure that if one supplement reacts badly with your body or other medication you are taking, you find an alternative. There are many supplements in the market but only a few of them are effective (without bad side effects). This guide will help you narrow your search down to the best supplements that millions of users have found to be helpful:


Volutrex is one of the most popular male supplements in the market. Customer reviews are predominantly favorable with it scoring a 4.4 rating on Amazon from over 700 reviews.

People like it because it works. Its ingredients are Maca root, Siberian Ginseng, Momordica, Serenoa Repens, Saw Palmetto, Yohimbe bark, Shatavari, Prychopetalum, and Reishi Mushroom. Volutrex comes in liquid form, which is said to have a higher rate of absorption than pills. In addition to increasing volume, it also makes your orgasms more intense and makes sex more pleasurable. Some guys have even reported getting stronger erections.

Viamax Volumizer

Volumizer is also quite popular among men for its ability to improve libido, increase sperm count, and increase the volume of cum. It is a dietary supplement that contains the following ingredients: Korean Ginseng, L-lysine, L-Carnitine, L-Arginine, Selenium, and Coenzyme. Notice how some of these have been mentioned in the preceding section about dietary requirements for semen production. Another thing people love about this supplement is that it takes effect quickly.


Semenax is one of the most effective supplements because it is known to do more than just make you produce more cum. It improves stamina and overall sexual function.

These pills contain oxidants like zinc compounds and vitamins that are great for fertility. They also have amino acids like L-arginine and L-lysine which are instrumental in the production of the fluids that make up semen.
The ingredients are Butea Superba, Avena Sativa extract, Cranberry Extract, Hawthorne, pumpkin seed, Maca, Muira Puama, Sarsaparilla, Catuaba bark, Zinc oxide, Zinc Aspartate, Epimedium Sagittatum, Swedish flower, L-arginine, and L-lysine. These ingredients help to improve stamina, erectile function, and some of them are natural aphrodisiacs.

Volume Pills

Volume Pills is a popular supplement because it has proven to be effective with few to no side effects for the many years it has been around.

One of the most appealing things about it is that it is made from naturally occurring ingredients that each handle a specific aspect of male reproductive health:

• It improves the quality of erections
• It increases the volume of semen you produce
• It will enable you to have more powerful orgasms.

Its ingredients are Zinc, Emblica Officinalis, Fucus Vesiculosus, Hong Hua Fen, Rou Gui, Ling Zhi, Xian Mao, Dong Chong Xia Cao, Ku Gua, San Guo Mu, and 4-5-7-trihydroxyflavone. Some of these are herbs with medicinal properties that improve your general health in addition to the reproductive function.

As we have established, producing more semen helps improve your confidence and girls like it whether they openly admit it or not. From a fertility point of view, it also serves to improve your chances of making babies.

We have also seen that the food you eat has a role to play. More importantly, there are supplements that readily provide both the useful nutrients and the less common (but still helpful) elements found in natural herbs.  With these supplements, you don’t have to skip sex every few days to produce larger loads. We have tackled a few supplements that have stood the test of time and helped many guys ejaculate more semen. There may be others that have been left out but we believe these ones can help you.

woman wants to cum

Proven Techniques To Make Her Cum Each And Every Time

How do you guarantee a woman reaches orgasm? Over and over again?

And, even more interesting: how to get her that climax that will make her remember you forever? Do not get nervous, it’s easier than you may think if you follow these instructions we’re about to share. Just because most do it poorly does not mean you have to as well.

1) Contextualize

Women are not like you. Their orgasm is more emotional: if their head and body are not in tune, it is likely they’ll end up faking it to finish the act or simply to not hurt your feelings. You may be confused as to why it didn’t happen for her, because you have done everything well: caresses, foreplay, sensuality … but nothing. What have you forgotten? Contextualize the sexual act.
They are not like men: it is harder for them to disconnect from everyday life, from being self conscious, from being fully into it. Therefore, preparation can be key: candles, massages, a hot bath … Everything that makes her be in the present, there and then with you. Make sensual, positive affirmations, without being too pushy. It has been discovered that negative thoughts curb women’s arousal.

2) Do not hurry

Many men make this mistake: they go too fast. You can not rush her into this as much as you are ready to go – she isn’t there yet. Also, it can actually be somewhat uncomfortable for her if she has not yet entered the the right mood: you can hurt her. Begin with sensual kisses on the mouth, on the neck, on the back, the crotch area… and when you see her getting into it, start stimulating the erogenous zones.

3) Stimulate the clitoris

Once you have verified that she is turned on and ready to go, you have to stimulate the clitoris, also known as the pleasure button. A study published in the ‘Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy‘, from 1,055 interviews with women from 18 to 94 years, found that more than a third of those consulted (37%) needed clitoral stimulation to reach the orgasm during intercourse. When this organ entered the equation, more than 40% of women said they reached orgasm more than 75% of the time. Only 18% admitted to being able to climax only with vaginal penetration. The numbers speak for themselves. If you want to have a great orgasm, do it right, don’t ignore her clitoris.

4) Check if she is wet

Before penetration, you should check to see if she is sufficiently lubricated. If you don’t, there’s a chance you can not only hurt her, but also tear the frenulum (in some extreme cases). Chances are, her body language will tell you she is ready, and you’ll feel her wet enough down there to begin the act. If not, more stimulation is required, so keep stimulating her using your hands, your lips, and your tongue.

5) Take care of odors

Of all our senses, smell connects us with our most primitive nature. An odor we may like just like one that is unpleasant is something that you remember and immediately has an effect on your mood. The symptoms of a strong attraction are an accelerated sum of chemical reactions in the brain that begin with the perception of the body odor of the person who attracts us.
In this regard, Rebecca Rosenblat, a psychotherapist specializing in relationships and sexuality, advises men to get some quality male fragrances that simulate the odors caused by high levels of testosterone. That, without a doubt, will increase the intensity of her mood and eventually help lead to her orgasm.

6) Be funny

Laughing makes a woman be much more aroused and will lead to sexual satisfaction. For her, a funny man is also one that is accepted and shows confidence. In other words, the man’s ability to make her laugh acts like a powerful aphrodisiac.
Laughter leads to better circulation of the blood and directly enables the production of hormones, which act like a drug for getting her turned on. This is the final ingredient that combined with everything else that we’ve talked about here, will guarantee she reaches climax.
Take all of this advice into consideration, don’t rush what you are doing, and your results will greatly improve. You’ll make her climax each and every time, and she’ll reward you for it! And remember, practice makes perfect!
Tantric Sex

What is Tantric Sex? The Real Truth!

As soon as you through the word “tantric sex” to most of your friends, any social site or any dating site, most of the people get intrigued, or at most become intimidated with it. The truth, however, is that not so many people know the true meaning of this term and its actual passionate ways. Many people see this term to be exciting or maybe being pleasurable in its experience but they do not know what it entails. In the present society, sex is simply seen as a way of experiencing pleasure being a recreational activity. On the other hand, Tantric sex is more of a spiritual activity that is seen as a way of expanding your consciousness and help you join together both the polarities that exist for both masculine and feminine energy in a way that makes them one and whole. For over five years, this has been a common practice among the Hindu people that demonstrate an expansion of energy. This act can be achieved by anyone who wants to reboot his or her sexual lifestyle with the other partner to find new depth in their lovemaking experiences.

Why give it a try?

Unlike normal bone sex, this kind of sex brings maximum satisfaction to an individual since you enjoy it more. Most of its experts posit that, if you add a little more time and the required effort into having sex, then you have the chance to reach higher possibilities including intense ecstasy. If the concept is so much confusion to you, then you have to think of it as the difference between a quick meal and a decently prepared meal. A meal that involves a lot of time in its preparation is more delicious than just a meal that takes a few minutes to prepare. If you chose this kind of sex, then you are searching for something new in your sexual lifestyle, and most significantly you are seeking for ways that you can become more intimate with your sexual partner. Many testimonials even from celebrities show that you can have long hours of sexual experience from this kind of sex which are more intimate and pleasurable than before. Besides, this kind of sex is more preferable if you want to do a reconnection with your partner.

How to do it

This kind of sex is never goal-oriented hence you do not have to do much practicing to realize it. Instead of fixating your mind into achieving orgasm, the best thing to do is to give foreplay more significance which becomes, more pleasurable and rewarding making you to reach its ultimate natural end. Although this might sound easy, you have to make sure you are in control of the situation at all times and mediate more if you are losing it.

What to do

One of the first steps to achieving this is by switching off the lights and making sure you put the rest of the world behind you. Second, you have to close down your body by vigorously shaking your body to energize yourself. It is also good to stay away from the bed to avoid triggering your brain to going to sleep which might result in quick sex hence a poor sexual experience. It is also good to experiment on what makes you comfortable depending on the types of touches you have during the encounter. All in all, just give yourself time for an amazing orgasm.

Semenax- Why it’s The Best Male Sexual Health Supplement

huge load semenaxThe intensity and length of orgasm are usually determined by the amount of semen one is able to ejaculate during intercourse. Unfortunately, most men have recently complained about not being able to produce enough semen. The good news is that they can resolve this problem by using supplements specially made for male sexual health. Although there are several dietary supplements in the market, one of the most popular is Semenax.

What is Semenax?

Sold by a company known as Leading Edge Health, Semenax is a dietary supplement that promises to boost the volume of your semen. Available in the form of pills, this supplement is manufactured from 100% natural ingredients. According to the company, it will improve the volume of your semen, help you with premature ejaculation and give you longer orgasm.

How does it work?

It has a mix of 17 ingredients that work to improve the volume of your semen. It also increases your blood circulation so that you can enjoy bigger and harder erections, plus it makes it taste much sweeter so she will enjoy swallowing. As natural aphrodisiacs, these ingredients will also increase your sexual stamina, libido and orgasm intensity. This is basically the reason why this supplement works.

Important ingredients

Vitamin E- Semenax contains vitamin E to help you solve your erectile dysfunction issue.

Horny goat weed- When it comes to enhancing the level of your testosterone, this ingredient is very much effective.

Zinc- Zinc is known to boost your levels of testosterone which is great for your sex drive and libido.

Tribulus- Having been used since ancient times, tribulus can greatly enhance the secretion of testosterone. It’s also good in treating male infertility.

L-Carnitine- This ingredient is not only good at treating erectile dysfunction but can also give you stronger erections.

L-Lysine- This is a special type of amino acid that increases your semen volume and testosterone secretion.

Maca Root Extract- According to studies, Maca root will improve your libido and also increase the amount of semen that you produce.

Pumpkin seeds- Consumption of pumpkin seeds generally boost the health of your prostate glands.

L-Arginine- If you combine this ingredient with Pine bark tree it can greatly reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Catuaba bark- This native herb is very effective in making your reproductive system strong.

Hawthorne Berry Extract- This ingredient will relax the soft tissue in your penis and increase blood flow.

Cranberry extract- Cranberry extract helps in boosting the health of prostate glands.

Why it works

Since it combines most of the ingredients that enhances male sexual health, it works. As matter of fact, most men have reported up to 80% boost in their semen production. If you have been looking for one of the best solutions for your sex issues then this supplement is the answer, so read more about it here for a more detailed review.


• It’s an all-natural supplement.
• It produces fast results.
• It can reverse the problem of erectile dysfunction.
• It increases your sexual confidence.
• It does not have any side effects.
• It enhances the level of nitric oxide


• It’s only effective as long as you continue with it.
• Users do not know the entire formula of the supplement.

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If you want to enhance your male sexual health then Semenax is very reliable. In order to determine their potency, all it ingredients have been carefully selected and tested. Having been in the market for long, it has received a lot of positive reviews from satisfied customers. It’s, therefore, easy to see why Semenax works perfectly well.


women who want a big dickYou may be wondering whether this is even possible, but worry not. In this article I intend to show you how to enlarge your dick without suffering any adverse effects. So, pick up your cup of coffee and throw out all of those doubts that you may have in your mind as I take you through this fascinating journey.

Let’s kick off things with a discussion on general health. The problem could be that of not getting enough blood flow to the penis. This causes the penis to appear smaller than it actually should. This can be improved by treating the underlying cause. You should check whether you are overweight, have high blood pressure, you smoke, have an increased intake of cholesterol, have cardiovascular disease or have diabetes. Addressing these health problems can go a long way in increasing your boner.
Supplements such as antioxidants work by improving your vascular health while l-arginine increase nitric oxide and blood flow. Both of which should lead to stronger boners.
Penis stretching is another technique that can be used to increase the size of your dick. The stretching can be done with the hand or with a device. Manual stretching exercises entail using your hand to massage the tissue along the length of your dick. This works by stretching the skin to create micro-tears in the tissue. The tissues get engorged as they heal increasing the size of your penis. Exercises such as jelqing increase the size of your girth. Devises such as a penis pump, cylinder-shaped air-filled chamber, can also be used to increase your penile size. They produce an immediate erection and their consistent use leads to increased penile size.
Penis enlargement surgery is another valid alternative. The current technological advancements mean that this procedure is a safe option that will give you what you want, After a period of fewer than three months you can go back to using your tool in the bedroom with no worry whatsoever.
If you find the idea of undergoing a surgery upsetting then you should seriously consider popping a pill. One such effective pill to consider is gingko biloba. This is made from tree leaves and originally used in ancient treatment. It has been shown to enlarge the dick by increasing blood flow to the nether regions pubic region.
An amusing psychological idea could also do the trick for you. Your penis may be bigger than you see it. This can be proved right by shaving your pubic hair. Just take a razor blade and you will be surprised with the instant result of your manhood being bigger than before.
Finally, jogging or taking a long distance walk every day never goes wrong. This should keep you in great physical, shape improving your vascular health and enhancing overall blood flow to pubic region. You will no doubt get a bigger boner from this simple exercise.
In conclusion, it comes down to a matter of personal preference on the method to use. With so much to choose from you should not blame anyone if you think your size is not up to your standards.

Top 3 Male Enhancement Pills in the Market for Men

woman wants big dickBedroom embarrassment is one of the worst ever. Any man who has encountered it before can relate well. Oh! Did I just write “any man?” Actually, the fact is that most men these days are coming down with erectile dysfunction than ever.

One research conducted to ascertain the level of impotence among Massachusetts men puts the statistics at 52%. In all honesty, that is a bit conservative. A random survey among a large population of men is likely going to reveal a more disturbing figure. So, you are not alone if you have some bedroom issues.

I understand that a lot of people have tried to exploit the situation by offering some kinds of solutions or the other. The truth is that many of the medications out there acclaimed to help you become a better man in bed have some serious side effects.

But relax; I have good news for you. There are still a few tested and trusted non-prescription pills that would get you banging hard again; three of those are what I will be sharing with you here. To be fair enough, let me quickly tell you the criteria I used in arriving at my list.

1. Whether they have side effects or not
2. Whether they can get you a bigger dick
3. How long they have been in the market
4. Customers’ review of the pills
5. The ease of access as well as its legality

So, here we go with the list…

a) Max Performer

Max Performer is a sexual enhancement pill for men that has lived to its hype. Its ingredients are not only natural but have been confirmed to offer other health benefits aside from aiding men’s bedroom strength. For instance, Mace root which is one of its top ingredients is an established antioxidant that mediates proper blood flow by reducing the body’s cholesterol, triglycerides, and sugar levels. Others include Cordyceps and Horny Goat Weed.
With Max Performer, you are guaranteed a stronger and lasting erection, increased stamina, more endurance in bed as well as increased libido. It enjoys a five-star customers’ reviews and its manufacturers who are based in London do not produce any other supplement aside from it. No wonder the great results it delivers. Unfortunately, to get a box, you will have to part with some $69. Many see this as a bit expensive.

b) VigRX Plus

Here is another five-star, well-researched male sexual enhancement pill you can trust. It’s been around in the market for 18 years. Within 6 months of usage, be rest assured of outstanding improvements such as penile enlargement (length & width), rocky and lasting erection, delayed ejaculation and better orgasm. Of course, its purchase is best done on the official website and the price per one is $76.

c) Extenze

Extenze is having a spot here because it is made with facilities approved by the FDA. That aside, an average man can easily purchase it because of its affordability. It offers this without compromising its quality. For many people, they start observing a difference just minutes after taking the pills while others enjoy its full potentials only after 3-4 weeks of usage. Its prime ingredient is Yohimbe reputed to help improve blood supply. Other ingredients are natural and you are guaranteed of a rocky and lasting erection while you say bye to premature ejaculation and low stamina.

If you are looking also to increase the amount of cum you produce, then check out this article of ours.

Increasing Semen Volume With Cum Pills

Cum pills
Most men would agree that ejaculation is one of the greatest feelings ever! The warm, shooting sensation of semen rushing through the urethra is an out of world experience. With every stroke you produce during sex, there is a build up of sperm and an increase of sensitivity to let go. The body eventually gives in and the sperms rush through the urethra at amazing speeds. This is called ejaculation, and when it happens, your body goes into a world of ecstasy, relaxation, and pleasure. You never want this feeling to end. But sadly, it does almost immediately, unless you use the appropriate cum pills.

Yet again, the ejaculation feeling can differ from man to man. The pleasures enjoyed during ejaculation will last as long as the sperm passing through the urethra. Men with a low sperm count or other fertility issues may experience a limited ejaculation feeling because of a lower volume of sperm and semen.
Luckily, there are certain cum pills you can use to increase your sperm and semen volume to enhance your sexual experiences. These cum pills increase the intensity and length of orgasms and ejaculations. They also help to maintain the power and volume of subsequent ejaculations.
Most cum pills are made from plant extracts that contain aphrodisiac characteristics (arouses sexual instincts and desires). These semen enhancement pills may also contain psychoactive elements that increase the levels of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, which is associated with the body’s orgasmic mechanism. These chemicals and several others trigger the body to produce more hormones, that contribute to the production and release of seminal fluids from the prostate gland and seminal vesicles.


1. Semenax

Studies have shown that Semenax has a success rate of 98%. It has been proven to be safe and effective making it one of the best semen enhancers in the market. This pill can help to increase sperm and semen volume. Higher volumes of sperm and semen provide greater sexual pleasures during ejaculation.
Semenax contains several ingredients that can be very helpful for your sex life. They include:
I. Muira puama – A highly potent libido booster.
II. L- carnitine – Increases blood flow to the penis resulting in firmer erections. It also increases sperm volume and motility.
III. Avena sativa – Boosts hormone levels.
IV. Horny goat weed – Increases testosterone levels.
V. Maca root – Increases sexual desires.
VI. Tribulus Terrestris – Increases sexual stamina and boosts testosterone levels.
Other ingredients used include vitamin E, the Swedish flower and pumpkin seeds which also help to boost testosterone levels. All these ingredients work together to add more pleasure during sex.
The main effect of this supplement is an increased sperm and semen volume. An increase in the semen volume contributes to powerful ejaculations which will lead to intense orgasms for both the man and woman. An increase in sperm volume enhances male fertility and this improves the chances of conceiving a child. Another major effect of this cum more pill is a shortened arousal time between ejaculations.
Semenax is usually sold in a bottle containing 120 pills and the recommended dosage is two capsules two times per day. It is usually sold between $55 and $63 but you can find discounted prices in many online retailers.
I highly recommend this pill to any man who wants to have a better sex game as well as experience greater and longer ejaculations. Having increased sexual desires brought about by this supplement will increase the chances of making your woman squirt, and we all know how hard that can be. You should expect to see results within the first week.

2. Volume Pills

Volume pills are natural male enhancers that have also proven to be very effective and reliable through very many experiments. Their primary function is to boost semen production and volume but it generally enhances the whole reproductive system.
Volume Pills constitute 4 very powerful natural ingredients. They include:
I. Ku Gua – An Asian herb that improves the process of semen production and boosts testosterone levels.
II. Solidilin – Promotes intense erections and improves overall sexual health.
III. Drilizen – Promotes better blood flow in the body.
IV. Zinc Oxide – Improves fertility and helps in semen production.
Other Asian ingredients that form the Volume Pill include Dong Chong Xia Cao, Tian Men Dong, Hong Hua Fen, Xian Mao, and Rou Gui.
The main goal for this supplement is to increase the amount of semen your body produces. But it also brings about harder and stronger erections. The increase in blood flow brought about by drilizen will increase the size of your penis during sex which will improve your sexual performance and help you attain and give explosive orgasms.
Volume pills are usually sold in a box containing 60 tablets and they retail at a price of between $60 to $70. They are only recommended for men over the age of 18 years and depending on sexual frequency, the dosage can be one or two tablets every day.
Before you use any male enhancer, it is very important to have a look at the ingredients. Volume Pills are made up of purely natural ingredients so you wouldn’t have to worry about any major side effects. It is also important to note that this pill is mainly meant to boost semen volumes. You should not really expect it to fix other reproductive problems such as erectile dysfunction. But you should certainly expect it to have an effect on your ejaculation period, erections, and sexual desires.
If you are undecided to buy between Semenax and Volume Pills, read this comparison review between the two.

3. Viamax Volumizer

Viamax volumizer is a dietary supplement that contains a combination of herbs, minerals, and vitamins to naturally stimulate sperm production. An increase in sperms leads to better ejaculation experiences making sex much more sweeter.
The ingredients involved in making the Viamax Volumizer pills include:
I. Catuaba pumpkin seed – A Brazilian herb that promotes the production of male sex hormones.
II. Selenium – A herb that improves the sexual drive as well as nourishes the entire reproductive system.
III. L-Carnitine – An amino acid that increases the percentage of highly motile sperms.
IV. Zinc Oxide – Improves semen production.
V. L-Lysine – Improves semen quality, stimulates testosterone production, and increases sperm count.
VI. L-Arginine HCL – Improves sperm health and volume.
This supplement’s major goal is to increase the volume of sperms. But you should also expect a higher libido and attainment of easier orgasms. Generally, it will lead to an overall improvement in your sexual well being and functions.
The common recommended dose for Viamax Volumizer is two capsules every day. It is sold in a box of 60 capsules that retails between $25 to $40. I would really recommend it to men who want to improve their fertility; but this will, of course, come with greater sexual experiences. Who would want to have a great orgasm when they are making babies?

4. Bonus: Volutrex (Semen Volumizer)

Being a liquid enhancer, Volutrex produces faster results than most pill semen enhancers. It promotes regular production and cycle of sperms as well as increases the semen production up to 300%. This is a well-known product produced in an FDA-GMP certified plant in the US.
Volutrex is also made of all natural aphrodisiac ingredients. They include:
I. Maca root – Improves the quality of sperms and also boosts testosterone levels.
II. Saw palmetto – Promotes the health of the prostate and also boosts libido.
III. Siberian ginseng – Enhances sexual strength and libido levels.
IV. Yohimbe bark extract – Enhances blood flow to the genitals.
As its name suggests, the main goal of this supplement is to increase the volume of semen. However, the ingredients that bring about this also come with extra benefits such as an increase in sperm production, better erections, and even being able to attain easier orgasms. If you are looking to see faster results in your sperm and semen volumes, you should highly consider Volutrex (Semen Volumizer). The bottle retails between $22 to $35, and it is only available online.
Having more sperm and semen will make you enjoy sex better. When a man reaches climax, his muscles contract as he is about to ejaculate. The more the muscles contract, the greater the sexual pleasure. Having more cum and semen will make the muscles contact longer and with greater force achieving an explosive orgasm. The above four supplements are your best bet if you want to enhance your semen and cum to achieve an electrifying orgasm.

How to Cum Twice In A Row For Men

Sexy model wants to cum twiceIf you ask any male, there’s a pretty good chance we can all agree on one thing. It’s literally, and physically, impossible to cum twice. We don’t cum twice in a row, let alone three or four times. Unlike women who can have multiple orgasm in a very short time frame, there’s at least a 30 minute to an hour period before we are ready to cum again. While this feat may seem impossible, there is good news! It is, in fact, possible for all men to achieve multiple orgasms, even cum twice, and all it takes is a little faith and commitment.

There is one powerful way to help any male lean to cum more than once. The method has been coined non-ejaculatory orgasm. This involves having sex, or masturbating, continuously without ejaculating. When men don’t ejaculate, the refractory period that makes coming multiple times does not become a factor, enabling men to cum multiple times. It is important to understand that ejaculations and orgasms are two separate things. This non-ejaculatory orgasm requires commitment and practice, but is totally worth it. It can be learned in 3 simple steps:

Kegel Exercises
Despite what you might think, kegel exercises are not just for women. In fact, they play a big part in being able to achieve non-ejaculatory orgasms. These exercises strengthen the pelvic floor and help to achieve more control over your pelvic muscles. Doing these exercises makes it possible for men to prevent themselves from ejaculating while still reaping the benefits of the orgasm.

The first step to these exercises is to locate the muscles responsible for your ejaculations. To do this, try to stop or slow down while peeing. Do this without tensing the muscles in you legs, buttox or without holding your breath. Doing so means you’ve located the muscles that require the work. Once you’ve learned to control these muscles, contract them for a slow count of 5, and slowly release for a count of 5. Do sets of 10, three times a day, increasing the count as you go, much like any other exercise.

Test Yourself
Once you’ve mastered the pelvic floor, it’s time to practice. The best way to do this, is to masturbate. Push yourself to the point of orgasm and once you reach it, contract your pelvic floor, or your kegel muscles, and hold for a count of 5 to 10. Relax, begin again. Every time, bringing yourself closer and closer to ejaculation. Once you feel you’ve got a good control on this, go all the way to ejaculation. Right before completion, flex your pelvic floor tightly. When completed successfully, this will give you the feeling or coming without ejaculation. Allowing you cum a second time with no refractory period.

Practice With A Partner 
The most practical practice is to apply these techniques during actual sexual intercourse with a partner. Non-ejaculatory orgasm take work but are worth the effort. Sex turns into a better, longer, and more pleasurable experience.

There are also other methods to help men cum more than once. The less popular way to achieve this is through prostate orgasms. Which is, in essence, the same type of orgasms that women have. And these can be achieved multiple times.

It’s easy to stick with what we know. Sex is great. Even with just one orgasm. But it can also be better. Like everything in life, nothing worth achieving comes easy. Keep an open mind, put in the work, and you too can cum one, twice, or even more!

3 Tips to Give Her Mind-Blowing Sex Every Time

Hot girl wants to be fucked goodYou meet her at a bar. She is wearing knee-high boots and a short skirt. The top she is wearing reveals just enough of her breasts for you to imagine yourself cupping them. You have always been a boob man. From your peripheral vision, you can see that she is also checking you out.
Normally, you would have already approached her but you are a bit self-conscious today. The last girl you took to your place did not return your calls after what you considered was an amazing night for the both of you.
Liquid courage will be needed to see this through so you down the scotch on the rocks and make your way towards her. An hour later she is laughing at all your jokes. You want to suggest a change of scenery, but your confidence in your sexual ability was badly damaged the last time.
If you have ever found yourself in such a position, this article is for you. This piece is also for anyone who wants to take their game to the next level and, have women, for a change, initiate hangouts with the intention of spending the night.

Here are 3 ways to fuck her good in bed:

1. Foreplay

Her sexual satisfaction depends a great deal on doing this right. Keep in mind that foreplay does not start in the bedroom. You can get her excited only moments after meeting her.
Touch her while you talk to her. Touch her hand. Place your hand on her thighs. Tell her she smells heavenly and then move closer to her. Whisper to her how desirable she is.
When in the bedroom, slowly take off her clothes. Kiss her lips. Kiss her neck. Kiss her boobs and, lick her from the stomach downwards. Kiss her around the vagina and let her anticipate your tongue all in her.
Now for women’s favorite part: cunnilingus. Breath naturally so that she feels the warmth. This will make her burn with anticipation. When she can no longer take and starts to push your head in her, lick her the same way you would like an ice cream cone.
Cover the entire area licking her and moving your tongue in her. You want to make sure that you spend some time on the topmost part where the clitoris is and where she is most sensitive.

2. A little roughness is necessary

A little roughness will make traditional and boring sexual positions more exciting. Choke her when you are giving it to her in the missionary position. Women love this kind of dominance.
Pull her hair when you are giving it to her from the back. Bring her head close to you and tell her how good her vagina feels. Give her commands like, “I want you to arch your back like this.”
Grab her butt cheeks and control the motions. Spank her ass and watch it wobble. Tell her that you love the size of her ass.

3. Switch up the positions

There are women who want you to make love to them, but the majority of them want to be fucked good and hard. Do not limit the positions you can do with her.
Ask her to switch from regular cowgirl to reverse cowgirl. You do not even have to disentangle your genitals to switch between these two positions. Grab her waist and help her ride you when she looks tired from moving her hips.
Bend her over by the bed and pound her cakes in a standing position behind her. Place one leg on the bed and stroke her until she wilding with pleasure.
If you have the upper body strength, pick her up and ask her to wrap your legs around your waist. Move her in and out of you until she bursts with pleasure.

How to Give Her an Orgasm She Won’t Forget

Girl who wants to be fingeredYou’ve made it to your special night. She definitely seems interested, otherwise, why would you even be here, right? You’ve even gone the extra mile; playing her favorite song in the bedroom. There is a glint in her eyes, but something has been bugging you this entire time. Will you be able to satisfy her? Will she orgasm? Even if she does, would she fake it, or will it be real?

The female orgasm has left many a man befuddled before, and has been the subject of countless think pieces, articles, and even works of art. There is no labyrinth to cross, no treasure to find. Giving your loved one a great orgasm isn’t complicated. But it would take at least some effort on your part.

The 3 Surefire Ways to Make a Girl Orgasm

Do not force it

So, you’re in the moment now and things are looking promising. You’re confident in the bed, and she is responsive. Don’t take that affirmation and start to pound your way into orgasm heaven. That would make her uncomfortable.
During foreplay, she might become a tad self-conscious. If she feels coaxed into pleasing you in turn, it would result in a fake orgasm. Don’t make it a thing of ego. Remember, this is not a one-way street.

Instead, try to focus on making her feel loved and comfortable. Talk sexy to her, whisper to her. They say patience is a virtue. Exercise that virtue.


The vagina, the vulva, and the nipples are the three main erogenous zones. Learn about them and try to fuck and masturbate them with only your hands. However, don’t be overenthusiastic and go for them all guns blazing. You’ll end up putting her off. You have to tease your way in. The ears are great erogenous zones. Whisper in her ears, kiss her earlobe. Then move to her neck, especially the nape, which is another erogenous zone.

Massage her feet during foreplay. Lace your fingers against the toes. It’s a sensitive area, and some people feel a tingle down there. A firm movement is necessary instead of light motions which may induce tickles. Don’t underestimate the importance of a good kiss on the lips. It’s how you’ll start things after all. A passionate kiss can release hormones which can start things off for you.

Again, communication and comfort are important. Keep talking, moving, learning, and improvising. Fill her mind with images. Mental stimulation is as important as physical stimulation, if not more.

Be Responsible and safe

It is understandable if you want to spice things up a bit. A harmless bit of role-playing doesn’t hurt. You’ll want to try out new positions if it isn’t your first time. Sure, surprise and innovation are keys to success in the bedroom. But don’t go too experimental. If you’re up for BDSM, it doesn’t mean she is too. Ask if she’s into your fantasies. Learn about her fantasies. Always ask her about her comfort zones and then proceed. No one is taking away your points for asking. This is not your SAT test. Remember, consent is always king.

Again, these are just pointers which would help you please your significant other in the bedroom. The key is to have fun in the moment.