How to Give Her an Orgasm She Won’t Forget

Girl who wants to be fingeredYou’ve made it to your special night. She definitely seems interested, otherwise, why would you even be here, right? You’ve even gone the extra mile; playing her favorite song in the bedroom. There is a glint in her eyes, but something has been bugging you this entire time. Will you be able to satisfy her? Will she orgasm? Even if she does, would she fake it, or will it be real?

The female orgasm has left many a man befuddled before, and has been the subject of countless think pieces, articles, and even works of art. There is no labyrinth to cross, no treasure to find. Giving your loved one a great orgasm isn’t complicated. But it would take at least some effort on your part.

The 3 Surefire Ways to Make a Girl Orgasm

Do not force it

So, you’re in the moment now and things are looking promising. You’re confident in the bed, and she is responsive. Don’t take that affirmation and start to pound your way into orgasm heaven. That would make her uncomfortable.
During foreplay, she might become a tad self-conscious. If she feels coaxed into pleasing you in turn, it would result in a fake orgasm. Don’t make it a thing of ego. Remember, this is not a one-way street.

Instead, try to focus on making her feel loved and comfortable. Talk sexy to her, whisper to her. They say patience is a virtue. Exercise that virtue.


The vagina, the vulva, and the nipples are the three main erogenous zones. Learn about them and try to fuck and masturbate them with only your hands. However, don’t be overenthusiastic and go for them all guns blazing. You’ll end up putting her off. You have to tease your way in. The ears are great erogenous zones. Whisper in her ears, kiss her earlobe. Then move to her neck, especially the nape, which is another erogenous zone.

Massage her feet during foreplay. Lace your fingers against the toes. It’s a sensitive area, and some people feel a tingle down there. A firm movement is necessary instead of light motions which may induce tickles. Don’t underestimate the importance of a good kiss on the lips. It’s how you’ll start things after all. A passionate kiss can release hormones which can start things off for you.

Again, communication and comfort are important. Keep talking, moving, learning, and improvising. Fill her mind with images. Mental stimulation is as important as physical stimulation, if not more.

Be Responsible and safe

It is understandable if you want to spice things up a bit. A harmless bit of role-playing doesn’t hurt. You’ll want to try out new positions if it isn’t your first time. Sure, surprise and innovation are keys to success in the bedroom. But don’t go too experimental. If you’re up for BDSM, it doesn’t mean she is too. Ask if she’s into your fantasies. Learn about her fantasies. Always ask her about her comfort zones and then proceed. No one is taking away your points for asking. This is not your SAT test. Remember, consent is always king.

Again, these are just pointers which would help you please your significant other in the bedroom. The key is to have fun in the moment.