woman wants to cum

Proven Techniques To Make Her Cum Each And Every Time

How do you guarantee a woman reaches orgasm? Over and over again?

And, even more interesting: how to get her that climax that will make her remember you forever? Do not get nervous, it’s easier than you may think if you follow these instructions we’re about to share. Just because most do it poorly does not mean you have to as well.

1) Contextualize

Women are not like you. Their orgasm is more emotional: if their head and body are not in tune, it is likely they’ll end up faking it to finish the act or simply to not hurt your feelings. You may be confused as to why it didn’t happen for her, because you have done everything well: caresses, foreplay, sensuality … but nothing. What have you forgotten? Contextualize the sexual act.
They are not like men: it is harder for them to disconnect from everyday life, from being self conscious, from being fully into it. Therefore, preparation can be key: candles, massages, a hot bath … Everything that makes her be in the present, there and then with you. Make sensual, positive affirmations, without being too pushy. It has been discovered that negative thoughts curb women’s arousal.

2) Do not hurry

Many men make this mistake: they go too fast. You can not rush her into this as much as you are ready to go – she isn’t there yet. Also, it can actually be somewhat uncomfortable for her if she has not yet entered the the right mood: you can hurt her. Begin with sensual kisses on the mouth, on the neck, on the back, the crotch area… and when you see her getting into it, start stimulating the erogenous zones.

3) Stimulate the clitoris

Once you have verified that she is turned on and ready to go, you have to stimulate the clitoris, also known as the pleasure button. A study published in the ‘Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy‘, from 1,055 interviews with women from 18 to 94 years, found that more than a third of those consulted (37%) needed clitoral stimulation to reach the orgasm during intercourse. When this organ entered the equation, more than 40% of women said they reached orgasm more than 75% of the time. Only 18% admitted to being able to climax only with vaginal penetration. The numbers speak for themselves. If you want to have a great orgasm, do it right, don’t ignore her clitoris.

4) Check if she is wet

Before penetration, you should check to see if she is sufficiently lubricated. If you don’t, there’s a chance you can not only hurt her, but also tear the frenulum (in some extreme cases). Chances are, her body language will tell you she is ready, and you’ll feel her wet enough down there to begin the act. If not, more stimulation is required, so keep stimulating her using your hands, your lips, and your tongue.

5) Take care of odors

Of all our senses, smell connects us with our most primitive nature. An odor we may like just like one that is unpleasant is something that you remember and immediately has an effect on your mood. The symptoms of a strong attraction are an accelerated sum of chemical reactions in the brain that begin with the perception of the body odor of the person who attracts us.
In this regard, Rebecca Rosenblat, a psychotherapist specializing in relationships and sexuality, advises men to get some quality male fragrances that simulate the odors caused by high levels of testosterone. That, without a doubt, will increase the intensity of her mood and eventually help lead to her orgasm.

6) Be funny

Laughing makes a woman be much more aroused and will lead to sexual satisfaction. For her, a funny man is also one that is accepted and shows confidence. In other words, the man’s ability to make her laugh acts like a powerful aphrodisiac.
Laughter leads to better circulation of the blood and directly enables the production of hormones, which act like a drug for getting her turned on. This is the final ingredient that combined with everything else that we’ve talked about here, will guarantee she reaches climax.
Take all of this advice into consideration, don’t rush what you are doing, and your results will greatly improve. You’ll make her climax each and every time, and she’ll reward you for it! And remember, practice makes perfect!