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How to cum more? The natural vs the supplementary way

Every man deserves to be able to reach an orgasm and cum sufficiently. Unfortunately, various health conditions and everyday problems, like anxiety and stress can deprive a man from that pleasant condition.

Thankfully, the global market has launched some products nowadays that can help men get over any situation that affects their everyday sexual life. Apart from those effective supplements, there is always the solution of consuming some natural compounds found in foods that are rich in minerals, vitamins and other ingredients that can help men fight off any displeasing situation that’s associated with their sexual life.

Natural compounds found in foods

Vitamins C, D and E can really help men cope with any type of fertility issue and become better in the bedroom. Particularly the latter 2 vitamins are known for their ability to boost a man’s energy and improve their overall sexual life.

Zinc is another important mineral, found in a variety of foods, like grains and spinach. It is capable of increasing the amount of blood and therefore oxygen that reaches the man’s body and it is also, added in various supplements due to its positive effects.

L-Arginine and L-Carnitine are the other two important compounds you should receive daily in order to become better in bedroom. They are both capable of helping men increase their testosterone levels and therefore, boost their libido.

It is true that the consumption of those natural ingredients is preferred nowadays due to their safety and their existence in a variety of foods. However, males should be aware of the fact that following any type of dietary plan and consuming certain foods daily requires commitment and strict guidance.

On the other hand, there is always the option of purchasing a supplement that is both effective and safe for the human body. The results you are gonna feel after you start to use such a supplement are various and they will appear more quickly.

Three of the most widely used products that belong to the category of male enhancement supplements that can really help men cum more are the following: Volume Pills, Volutrex and Semenax.

Volume Pills

Volume Pills is a good supplement with years of experience in the field of male enhancement products. Its unique combination of ingredients along with its safety and affordable price make it a popular option among men of all ages.

After some weeks of using Volume Pills you are gonna feel a great difference to your body. Your semen volume will increase, your ejaculations will become stronger and you are gonna cum more. That will make your partner satisfied and pleased with your performance, as well.


Semenax is another good choice for men suffering from infertility issues or for those wishing to improve their sexual performance and regain their long-lost confidence.

This supplement contains big quantities of two important amino acids, named L-Arginine and L-Carnitine, both of which are known for their ability to boost the libido of males and help them reach their climax more quickly.



Volutrex is the third good supplement in the field of male enhancement products. It is made of a natural combination of ingredients, particularly Maca root, Saw Palmetto and Ginseng that can perform miracles in helping your body become more

Being an overall natural formula, made of a lot of effective compounds, Volutrex contains big quantities of the following active ingredients: Maca root, Ginseng and Saw Palmetto.

Men who consumed Volutrex on a regular basis soon discovered that their mood and overall sexual life improved considerably.

Every man wishes to be the true leader in the bedroom. Being able to cum sufficiently and reach some explosive orgasms can really help men in that regard. After all, having the ability to bring yourself to the peak of your orgasm is vital if you wish to have the energy and general mood to satisfy your partner, as well.

If you belong to those of us who have been suffering from weak ejaculations, infertility issues, low cum volumes and insufficient orgasms, you should probably look at one of the supplements mentioned above. They are all efficient and safe to use and most importantly, they are all gonna help you deal with any sexual problem much more quickly compared to the natural compounds found in foods.