3 Tongue Techniques that will make YOU a Pro in Pussy Licking

Lick my pussy

Helping the woman of your life experience a tremendous orgasm can be a life-changing experience for both of you. Women dream about the guy who will make them cum quickly and are impressed when their partner knows how to eat their pussy out just the right way. So, if you are wondering about how you can become a pro in pussy licking, here are 3 really simple, yet effective tongue techniques.

Licking the right way

When you start licking your girl’s pussy, it is important that you take your time and move slowly. Start from the outer parts of her sensitive region and gradually move inwards. Keep your movements unpredictable and give her time to build her sexual energy before you increase your pace.

When you see that she starts to pant, you can start focusing mostly on her clit. The up an down movement of your tongue along that special part of her body is the most common, yet practical way of licking. Varying your strokes can be the key to success. Go from slow and soft movements to more intense and fast ones and back again. Always try to look at her reactions to see what she likes best.

Tease her with sucking

Almost every woman loves to have her vagina sucked. At this stage, you should not focus your mouth on her clit alone, but on the broader area of her pussy, as well. As you watch her moving quickly towards her orgasm, you should increase the speed of your tongue and alternate between licking and sucking. This will blow her mind before you can even realize it yourself.

Remember to continue to tease her by stepping back a bit and dropping the pace once in a while before you continue to move on with her sucking.

Learn the benefit of motorboating

The final tongue technique you should master if you wish to bring your partner to the edge of her orgasm is the art of motorboating. Firstly, kiss her lightly on her pussy. Leave your lips so that they barely touch her and slowly blow out, letting your lips vibrate back and forth.

That will send vibrations down her whole genital region and it will trigger her final big orgasm. By blowing harder or by letting your lips touch her pussy a bit longer, you can alter the power and speed of the vibrations, depending on her needs.

Pleasing your woman is an essential part of every healthy sexual relationship. Men usually worry about pussy licking and are afraid to try out different techniques. However, if you wish to find the type of technique that works best for your partner, you really need to try new things out. You should always bear in mind that women will most commonly not talk about their special preferences. They are going to give you however, some easy clues when the time comes.

If you see that whatever you are doing makes your woman to moan or pant, then you should continue with the same exact thing. Watching for your woman’s reactions is the only guaranteed way of success.

sexy girl wants her pussy licked

3 Pleasurable Ways to Lick Her Pussy

Have you ever attempted to be sexually adventurous in bed with your partner? Sex is amazing when you apply various tactics that will make your partner have an orgasm. Various techniques can be used, however, pussy eating is the easiest way to make your woman cum. It involves licking and sucking of the clitoris, which is made up of a dense network of nerves. Below are the 3 amazing techniques to lick her pussy passionately.
The first technique requires inclusion of foreplay to get her ready for sucking. Start by kissing, hugging and tenderly touching her boobs and nipples. You can use your tongue to lick her nipples softly, then slowly move your tongue towards her pubic area. Make some technical motions around her pubic hair with your tongue to induce tension as you shift towards her pussy. If she doesn’t find it weird, gently move your tongue in a firm and rhythmic circular motion around her clitoris. Begin with less pressure to reduce friction just in case her vagina is not yet wet. Flip the tip of her clit with your tongue when she begins to feel you. The circular motion should be constantly maintained because it is the basis of pleasurable feeling. Continue the action until she gets an orgasm.
The second way involves gently moving your tongue up and down her clit. This technique is the ultimate way of touching all nerve endings of the clitoris, if only you do it in a right manner. The best time to apply this technique is when she is about to cum. To get started, lick her clit from the tip towards the lower regions of the labia. Repeat the same thing back and forth until she gasps with joy. Use moderate pressure although care should be taken not to hurt her nerves. This is the ultimate method to make her squirt all over the bed.
The third way to make her cum is licking her clitoris from side to side. This method is almost similar to the first one, however, the difference is marked by side to side flipping of the clit. Nevertheless, both means are characterized by tongue stroking the clit back and forth, and left to right in a soft and gentle motion. In addition, constant maintenance of rhythmic motion is vital to achieve ultimate pleasure. Practice is necessary to improve tongue motion in the pussy.
You are all set with the three tactics to suck and lick her pussy, however, doing it the right way is the real deal. Practice is needed to perfect your skills. You may also need to use fingers to play around with her pussy to speed up orgasm. When you enjoy her vagina, give her chance to flip her clit with her finger because some women find more fun in hand job. Use lubricants to reduce pain as a result of friction. Most importantly, do not assume that these tactics works for every lady. It is advisable to try several ways to help you pick on the one that works best for her.

The Top 3 Oral Sex Techniques Women Crave ALWAYS!

Hot girl wanting some oral sexHaving the best sexual experience is all we crave for. And as such we expect our sex partners to up their game and offer us an amazing orgasmic experience. A recent research study conducted on sexual preferences for women indicated that nearly 80% of all women love having oral sex.

It’s no surprise that of late ladies have developed a huge craving for oral sex. Oral sex commonly referred to as the “Art of cunnilingus” is loved for the following reasons;

  • Clitoral oral orgasms rank as the most pleasurable explosive orgasms that you can offer your lady.
  • The feeling is absolutely amazing.
  • The Vulva highly reacts to oral stimulation.

So, what are some of the most famous pussy sucking techniques that would surely drive her crazy in bed?


  1. The Cha Cha Slide

As the name suggests, this method involves the moving of the tongue sideways. This technique should be used if you want to change your sex routine and surprise your lady with your new skills. Start by licking the clit slowly from the right to the left then back again.

As you slide your tongue slowly from the left to the right, ensure that you apply the movement in soft and smooth strokes so as to maximize her pleasure. Applying soft and smooth strokes ensures she maintains a steady rhythm and keeps her in pace with you are doing all while stimulating her mentally.

  1. The Ringa Ringa Rosy technique

This is one of the most popular and simplest oral sex techniques that you can try out. It’s best suited for you if you have never tried giving your woman some oral sex before. However, let its simplicity not fool you. The Ringa Ringa Rosy technique is one the most pleasurable sex techniques, in fact, if your aim is to make her cum quickly, then try out this technique.

Start the process by giving her some foreplay so as to stimulate her and keep her warm and wet. Gently slide your tongue down her belly and camp your tongue a little bit on her belly button. While on her belly button, gently stroke it so as to drive her crazy (it will give her intense excitement).

Proceed downwards to her pubic hair then gently stroke the hair (this facilitates a searing orgasm), after stroking her pubic hair, slowly move your tongue in circles around her clit, this movement should be rhythmic and steady. Believe me, now you’ve got her under your control!!!!! Speed up the tongue motion only at her request.

  1. The Incy Wincy Spider technique

This technique involves the movement of your tongue up and down your girl’s spout. The Incy Wincy Spider method should be used if you seek to achieve full oral stimulation of the clitoris. Perform this technique when she’s close to orgasm for perfect stimulation.

Begin the technique by licking the top of her clitoris then gently proceed the licking downwards until you reach the bottom of her labia, then move upwards again. Repeat the entire process over and over again. When doing this add a little pleasure, in fact, try hard tonguing if she is okay with it just like an Adonis Alpha would do.


Sexual pleasure is an added advantage in any relationship. In fact, a good sex life leads to a longer relationship. Try oral sex whenever you want to spice up sex with your partner. Oral sex is perfect for sexual arousal and prolongs the duration of good sex.