How to Last Longer in Bed? Like 30 Minutes Longer!

Make her cum by lasting longer

Premature ejaculation of a man is one of the most frustrating things that may occur during a sexual encounter. It is both embarrassing and unexpected and it can totally ruin the whole joyful atmosphere. However, we should not get overly disappointed, as this situation is really common nowadays and it can be easily dealt with.

There are actually various smart and healthy ways that can help any man last longer in bedroom. And by longer, we mean at least 30 minutes more.

Work it out a bit

The muscles of a man’s pelvic floor play a vital role in ejaculation. Working them out with targeted exercises can really help you control your ejaculation and last longer when the special time with your partner arrives.

A pretty good exercise is to try to contract and hold those muscles for about 15 seconds and then release them. Repeat this easy exercise 10-15 times a day and you will soon notice that those muscles over there will get much stronger.

Delay your orgasm when masturbating

One of the most popular ways that can help you hold your ejaculation longer is to control your orgasm when you masturbate alone. When you reach the edge of your orgasm, stop every movement until you calm down and after a while regain your efforts.

Try to squeeze your penis

When you feel that your orgasm is really close, try to squeeze below the head of your penis with firm pressure. This technique will decrease the amount of blood that reaches your penis and therefore, it will decrease the possibility of premature ejaculation.

Masturbate before the sexual act

A common reason of premature ejaculation is that you are all riled up and overly enthusiastic with the forthcoming sexual act. Your prostate may be fully engorged and you may want to ejaculate quickly to release all that tension.

When some time has passed from the previous ejaculation, the man’s penis will be sensitive even to the slightest touch, lick or thrust. For this reason, it can be really beneficial if you spend some time masturbating and reaching an orgasm prior to your sexual act. However, be careful not to overdo it, as this can lead to no performance at all.

Focus on your partner’s satisfaction

When you are on the edge of your orgasm, you can remove a bit of your tension by focusing on your partner’s pleasure. Touch your partner, lick her, make her cum. Focusing your thoughts and moves on something else can really help you to delay your orgasm a bit. After all, making your girl cum before yourself will be highly appreciated, as well.

Go for round two

A sexual act should not always be limited to only one session. After you both orgasm, you can rest for some minutes and start all over again. Your penis will be less sensitive then and you’ll be able to perform better and longer during that second round. Particularly if you have masturbated before the first sexual act, as well, you’ll notice a great difference to you overall containment.

Try new things

Particularly for long-term relationships, it is important that you use some imagination and try new things in the bedroom. Alternating between different sex positions, choosing different places in your house or outside and having some unexpected sex instead of previously organizing it can really help you get distracted and therefore, last longer.

Use some effective supplements

If you notice that you condition isn’t getting better quickly enough for your needs, then you could always try purchasing some effective over-the-counter supplements. There are a lot of natural herbs and supplements nowadays, that can really help men to increase their stamina and make them last longer during their sexual encounters.

Suffering from premature orgasms can really destroy your lovely relationship. After all, women are usually not able to cum so quickly and putting an end to the whole act too soon can make them feel unsatisfied and displeased with you and your performance in the bedroom.

Thankfully, there are a lot of sensible and easy ways that can help men suffering from premature ejaculation get over that unfortunate situation. Trying out some of the above ideas will definitely improve your issue considerably before you even realize it.