Stimulating Your Man’s Prostate And Make His Cum Intense

We often hear we could be having a better orgasm or better sex which would eventually lead to a stable relationship. However, we usually don’t get a hold on the nitty-gritty on how a man can achieve several intense orgasms because the topic is always considered “embarrassing”. It’s important to note no question, gender or topic pertaining sex is off-limits. Now on this article’s topic, how to activate and stimulate your man’s prostate, or also known as prostate milking.

Learn Some Prostate Milking Basics First

To begin with, the prostate or male G-spot does exist. In males, the prostate glands are situated in the lower abdomen, beneath the bladder. It swells when aroused to a size that of a walnut. It’s purposely designed to help boost reproduction—during orgasm, the gland secrets a clear fluid which makes sperms stronger and the love making session longer.

Taking proper care of your prostate glands will help cub erectile dysfunction and improve the pleasure which are actually indisputable. Not only will stimulating your prostate glands lead to a longer orgasm, you will be able to have several intense orgasms too.

Step 1: Take It Slow

Just the way you don’t want any saw-like fingernails around your vagina, be guaranteed your man will not want them near his ass. The point is cut and file your fingernails first. Prior to anything, have you man aroused, the prostate glads swell when aroused making it easier to pinpoint it. Once he’s ready, it’s time for you to spun into action. Have your guy seat with his back against the wall (he can use a pillow for extra support). Let him put his legs flat on the bed with the knees wide open for easier access.

Step 2: Go For The Perineum

Since you cannot access the prostate directly, you’ve 2 options to stimulate it externally—via the rectum or the perineum or the taint. It’s advisable you start with the taint/perineum. It’s less direct and it will keep your man at ease especially if he’s nervous. Start by gently tapping the perineum with the fingertips. Gradually increase the pressure and stroke his shaft simultaneously. Ask your guy to let you know when the pressure feels just right.

If both of you feel you need to take things to the next level, it’s time to heat up the perineum through the rectum. Lube here is mandatory. The tissues lining the rectum are really sensitive, to prevent blisters and make the whole process pleasurable, always use a lube. Apply the lube around the anus and fingertips—obviously feel to add more when you feel it’s necessary.

Step 3: Find And Stimulate It

The glands are located just 2 inches from the anus, you do not need to go too deep. Just like in female G-spot, your palm should be facing upward and the dominant finger(s) grind across the top(that’s under the abdomen). Once inside, you will feel some tissues assuming the shape of a walnut, they are different hence easier to find.

Once you’ve located the prostate, start off by making ‘come hither’ motion. Start gently and increase the pressure gradually until your partner tells you where it feels more soothing. You can also make circular motions too.

For the first few trials, it won’t seem to work. Try it three or more times and the secret to success is to work as a team. To make the exercise even more pleasurable and increase success rates, consider using toys designed to help stimulate the prostate glands.