Tantric Sex

What is Tantric Sex? The Real Truth!

As soon as you through the word “tantric sex” to most of your friends, any social site or any dating site, most of the people get intrigued, or at most become intimidated with it. The truth, however, is that not so many people know the true meaning of this term and its actual passionate ways. Many people see this term to be exciting or maybe being pleasurable in its experience but they do not know what it entails. In the present society, sex is simply seen as a way of experiencing pleasure being a recreational activity. On the other hand, Tantric sex is more of a spiritual activity that is seen as a way of expanding your consciousness and help you join together both the polarities that exist for both masculine and feminine energy in a way that makes them one and whole. For over five years, this has been a common practice among the Hindu people that demonstrate an expansion of energy. This act can be achieved by anyone who wants to reboot his or her sexual lifestyle with the other partner to find new depth in their lovemaking experiences.

Why give it a try?

Unlike normal bone sex, this kind of sex brings maximum satisfaction to an individual since you enjoy it more. Most of its experts posit that, if you add a little more time and the required effort into having sex, then you have the chance to reach higher possibilities including intense ecstasy. If the concept is so much confusion to you, then you have to think of it as the difference between a quick meal and a decently prepared meal. A meal that involves a lot of time in its preparation is more delicious than just a meal that takes a few minutes to prepare. If you chose this kind of sex, then you are searching for something new in your sexual lifestyle, and most significantly you are seeking for ways that you can become more intimate with your sexual partner. Many testimonials even from celebrities show that you can have long hours of sexual experience from this kind of sex which are more intimate and pleasurable than before. Besides, this kind of sex is more preferable if you want to do a reconnection with your partner.

How to do it

This kind of sex is never goal-oriented hence you do not have to do much practicing to realize it. Instead of fixating your mind into achieving orgasm, the best thing to do is to give foreplay more significance which becomes, more pleasurable and rewarding making you to reach its ultimate natural end. Although this might sound easy, you have to make sure you are in control of the situation at all times and mediate more if you are losing it.

What to do

One of the first steps to achieving this is by switching off the lights and making sure you put the rest of the world behind you. Second, you have to close down your body by vigorously shaking your body to energize yourself. It is also good to stay away from the bed to avoid triggering your brain to going to sleep which might result in quick sex hence a poor sexual experience. It is also good to experiment on what makes you comfortable depending on the types of touches you have during the encounter. All in all, just give yourself time for an amazing orgasm.